Xiaoyin Jiaonang
[Common name]
Formula for Psoriasis
[Pharmaceutical dosage]
[Product specifications]
[Attending functions]
Clearing away heat to cool blood, nourishing blood to moisten dryness, dispelling wind to relieve itching. It is applicable for psoriasis caused by blood heat or deficiency and wind-dry with the syndromes of guttiform tetter with a bright red basement, or tetter covering thick silver scale which is dry, itching and with a faint red basement. 
[Usage and dosage]
Take it orally 5-7 capsules each time and 3 times a day. And a treatment course should be one month.
[Approval number]
National Drugs Approval Number: Z20000110
Product introduction:

Ingredients: Radix Rehmanniae(地黄) Cortex Moutan(牡丹皮) Radix Paeoniae(赤芍)Radix Angelicae Sinensis(当归)Radix Scrophulariae(玄参)Flos Lonicerae(金银花)Radix Sophorae(苦参)Fructus Arctii(牛蒡子)Periostracum Cicadae(蝉蜕)Cortex Dictamni(白藓皮)Radix Saposhnikoviae(防风)Folium Isatidis(大青叶)Flos Carthami(红花)

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