Instructions of Xinsuning Jiaonang
– 2018-7-13


  Trade Name: Formula for Palpitation

  Chinese Pinyin: Xinsuning Jiaonang

Ingredients: Rhizoma Coptidis(黄连); Rhizoma Pinelliae(半夏); Poria(茯苓); Fructus Aurantii(枳实); Radix Dichroae(常山); Plumula Nelumbinis(莲子心); Radix Sophorae(苦参); Herba Artemisiae Annuae(青蒿); Radix Ginseng(人参); Radix Ophiopogonis(麦冬); Radix Glycyrrhizae(甘草)

Descriptions: This medicine is capsule preparation containing brown or brownish black powder with pungent and bitter taste.

Functions and Indications: Clearing away heat to resolve phlegm, tranquilize heart beat to relieve palpitation. It can treat palpitation, oppression in the chest, vexation, susceptibility to fright, dry mouth with bitter taste, insomnia and profuse dreaming, dizziness and intermittent pulse caused by phlegm-heat attacking the heart. It is applicable for low moderate ventricular premature beat caused by coronary heart disease and viral myocarditis.   

Specifications: 0.48g/capsule

Dosage and Usage: Take it orally 4 capsules each time and 3 times a day.

Adverse Reactions: Separate patients may have alimentary tract reaction such as low grade nausea during taking this formula.

Contraindications: It is prohibited for pregnant women.


   1, Patients with gastric disease should be advised to take this medicine after meal.

   2, It is advised to reduce the dosage or suspend when one has nausea reaction.

   3, This formula contains Radix Dichroae which have side effects such as emetic, so patients should be aware of them.

Pharmacology:  Animal test shows that this formula can restrain rats heart disorders caused by aconitine, sodium chloride, chloroform and isoprenaline, protect rats heart disorders caused by ligated coronary artery and ischemia and reperfusion. This formula also can reduce rat total cholesterol, whole blood viscosity, hematocrit and fibrinogen, extend rats swimming time in low temperature and negtive pressure as well as rats anti-hypoxia time in normal pressure.

Storage: Air-proof and store in dry and cool places.

Package: Aluminum component plastic panel; 3×12 capsules/box

Period of Validity: 24 months

Carried Standard: State Drug and Food Administration Standard (test): YBZ04332005

Approval Number: National Drugs Approval Number: Z20050131

Manufacturing Enterprise:

Name: Shaanxi Momentum Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

Address: High Tech Road 1, Electronic Industry Development Zone, West Weiyang Road, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, China

Post Code: 712000

Tel: 0086 029 33150041

Fax: 0086 029 33150041

Registered Address: No.65, East Minsheng Road, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, China

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